Thursday, 13 July 2017


Recent goings on with a paint brush resulted in this painting of a girl with wild hair getting painted..Taken from none or all of the scribbles on the page, this piece is the latest experiment of the no faced drippy characters that have taken over my sketchbook lately.

Painted onto a 60cm x 60cm chunky wooden framed canvas , this piece has lots of interesting textures and details.. If you'd like to own this, it's just been put in my store here... 


A few weeks ago I painted up this All City Style Train for a friend of mine, the custom toy don, Run DMB.. After bumping into him at ToyCon UK this year, a plan was formed for me to paint up his blank.. Personally I'd love to see a train covered in his style ( check his work out here ) but I've always wanted to paint one of these, so I happily did..
Without a doubt the hardest part about painting these trains are the windows and doors.Not being a fan of stencils or masking tape, all of this was painted freehand with brushes.  It was a lot of fun to work on and I'll probably do a few more in the future..Being the nice guy he is, rather than having a Run DMB wildstyle, N D J B K are his families first name initials so everyone is incorporated into the piece and I'm told they all approve..

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


These no faced drippy characters are some recent studies painted onto reclaimed wooden panels taken from some quick scribbles in the sketch book.. With no main facial features to focus on these anonymous characters are more about technique, style and layers of texture..Painted onto 2cm thick wooden blocks, they can be hung with a nail of your choosing or stood on their sides like things that don't need to be hung.. Measuring 20cm x 20cm, these 3 originals are currently available from my store  here ..

Sunday, 2 July 2017


More hours spent making paint do stuff has resulted in this painting being painted with paint.. Measuring 60 x 40 cm, this canvas has lots of techniques and colors involved, all combined in a controlled mess until I stepped away and called it a day, during the night / early hours of the morning.

If you'd like to own this piece, it's now available from my Ebay store for an amount of money swaps, take a look if you're curious here..    

Thursday, 22 June 2017


This is a 7 inch custom Kidrobot Foomi.. Once a plain vinyl toy, now a creature with a massive top set of gnashers..  It's OK though, he doesn't bite...Although he probably would if he could! Every time he's tried in the past his little bottom lip always gets in the way so it's almost impossible for him to get a grip on anything.. The best he could probably do is a little downward scrape which would probably tickle a little bit and feel quite nice.. 

This is an original one of a kind sculpted thingy who's little head and arms can still be turned and positioned to make him look more or less adorable.Pictured below is how he looked before painting.

One last picture of him next to his friend The UnCute..   If you'd like to own one of these customs, both of them are currently available in my Bigcartel store here. 

Thursday, 15 June 2017


It's that guy again, getting savagely nibbled by one of those MaaadCans.. Fresh in to the store today, measuring 60cm x 24cm on a 2cm deep stretched canvas, this signed original is now up for grabs. Painted with spray paint and acrylics before finishing with a coat of clear lacquer..
If you'd like to be the one who owns this piece, you should head over to my Ebay store to see if it's still available and while you're there, check out some of the other new custom spray cans that have been recently added too..

Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Another piece that got finished recently is this one, featuring that masked guy gripping up two of those MaaadCans.. Painted onto a reclaimed wooden panel with acrylics on a sprayed background, this 16 x 20 inch original was snapped up minutes after the paint was dry and now hangs with a few other pieces of mine in a private collection alongside some really amazing artists work..
It's always nice when a piece sells for obvious reasons such as rent, food and buying more materials..However, it means much more to me knowing that it'll be looked after and seen by others for years to come..That's a feeling money can't buy.. 

Monday, 12 June 2017


Painted with spray paint and acrylics this latest piece "Hold Your Own" features another of those drippy no faced characters getting to grips with some style.. 

It's important to have your own, and once you've got it you should probably hold on to it before it gets taken by someone else..

Measuring 50 x 19 cm on a chunky 3cm deep stretched canvas..Finished with a coat of clear lacquer, this signed original is now up for grabs in the store.. If you'd like to own this piece or see some other original stuff that's currently available, click this link thingy HERE!! 

Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Another amount of hours spent making wet colored stuff dry resulted in another painting being completed in the middle of the night...The Prolific....This 16x20 inch piece was painted onto a reclaimed wooden board with spray paint and acrylics..A signed original that's currently up for grabs from my store HERE ..

Thursday, 25 May 2017


   This custom 7 inch Kidrobot Trikky is the first vinyl toy I've worked on for a while but what this thing lacks in cuteness it makes up for with personality and teeth.. Despite it being sculpted all over, this piece still has it's articulation (head and arms) and has lots of details and textures including an embossed Hoakser patch.. After many hours of sculpting and a small amount of sanding had happened, it was then carefully painted with acrylics before finishing with a coat of clear lacquer..
If you'd like to pick up this piece because you can't resist his little adorable un cute face, head over to my Bigcartel store for a closer look..

Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Over the last few months in the background of the desk of makings, I've been slowly doing stuff to create the third version of my character in resin,this guy.... the Maskedman.. 

Standing 7.5 inches tall this third version has 5 points of magnetic articulation allowing their feets, arms and heads to be turned and positioned. Each one has been hand finished with additional sculpting and given one of those mini Maaadcans to control..Painted with acrylics and finished with several coats of clear lacquer, the first finished four come with a matching color scheme mini canvas to hang behind the piece or stand on the easel supplied.

If you'd like to own one of these four figures they'll be available from my Big Cartel store this Thursday 11th May at 7:00pm (UK time.)

Tuesday, 25 April 2017


A small number of these Maskedman originals are now in the store after coming back from the framers looking nice!. All of them are unique, signed and feature that guy I've been putting up for years. Painted onto hard board with spray paint and acrylics before clear coating and finally framing.
All of them are different sizes so prices of these pieces vary from as little as £45 up to £60 plus postage. Head over to my ebay store to check them out in more detail.. HERE..


This mural was painted for Apna Ghar which is an elderly day care center in Balsall Heath, Birmingham.. The idea behind the wall was to brighten the space with something that depicts care, love and warmth whilst covering up some unwanted scribbles that had recently appeared on their wall.. Pictured below is the mess that I covered up, which understandably they didn't like and would have probably only got worse if it was left..

A few days before painting was set to start, the council decided to send somebody to paint the wall in the wrong shade of blue, which would have only been another blank canvas that would probably attract more unwanted scribbles. By this point, I'd already roughly designed the wall to show some of the residents how it might look but hadn't planned on there being a dark blue background, so things had to change slightly as I'd already bought the paint .. It turned out ok in the end with just enough paint to make it work..

This is how it started, maybe an hour or two of painting at this point

It took around 15 hours to complete over the course of two days with lots of support from passers by.. As mentioned above, the brief of the mural was to show love, caring etc so I decided to paint old peoples hands doing different things..The first hands show knitting, which is an activity many of the residents enjoy.. The warm looking scarf was painted green to tie in with the grass that surrounds the area, which also linked into the picture next to it showing a pair of hands gardening.

These gardening hands planting a new seedling were intended to depict care, nurture, growth and life..The soil trickling through the fingers make it seem more heart shaped, could also represent time, and again ties in with the surrounding grassy area..

 The final cup of tea image shows warmth, socializing, conversation and the fact that everyone loves a cuppa.. Finally I added some simple lettering and remembered my manners by thanking everyone involved in making this happen.. Big huge thanks to Brum Spirit, Balsall Heath Forum and Neighborhood News Online who had this to say about it  - Only slightly smaller than the Sistine Chapel and definitely larger than a couple of not very cheerful Rembrandt paintings, it has to be said that our mural richly earns its place in our neighbourhood gallery. "   in their blog post  (here)..

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Several late nights of smudging white and black paint around with a hairy stick a few weeks ago resulted in this painting being painted..Full of textures and drips, this 1 meter by 80cm canvas was started without any real plan and quickly turned into something that was going to take a long time. After recently painting up some custom spray cans where the characters had drippy paint faces, I decided to explore this idea a little more..This was almost abandoned a few times during it's process, as it took a while for it to take shape and more than once paint dried the wrong shade of grey or a drip didn't run right and annoyed my cat. 
As with every painting, hours were spent in deep concentration and things got learnt!. When focused and "in the zone" it feels like your minds somewhere else for a while, even though it's busy trying to make paint dry in all the right places and remember how it did it.. Once certain things were figured out this piece eventually became more fun to work on and I'll definitely try out this style of painting again.
Below are some close ups to give an idea of the details and textures built up during the making of this controlled mess..

Amazingly (for me) this painting has already sold and it's nice to know it's gone to a good home, in good company where there's already some of my work :) 

 After receiving some interest in this piece after posting pictures on my social media, I promised a few people that there would be a print option.. The first A3 test prints came out well which I picked up yesterday, so... 

If you'd like a signed copy of "Thinking Caps" there are some now available from the store. HERE..  Printed on quality, thick,  heavyweight, archival slightly textured paper ( which looks more like an original piece than a glossy poster print ).. Size A3 , signed and numbered.. limited to 50 pieces worldwide..

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Another new painting recently finished of that guy The Maskedman getting bitten by one of those MaaadCans. It's fine though, his Mickey Mouse gloves are ironically bite proof and as the can and his heart are connected, he must have told the can to bite himself!

Painted across two 20 x 16 inch canvasses with spray paint and acrylics, this piece is now available from the store HERE..